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Can Home Theater be Used for Karaoke?

Can Home Theater be Used for Karaoke?

Can home theater be used for karaoke?

If you are a planning a house party, a karaoke can definitely spice your dance floor. Most karaoke machines come with audio ports, which make it possible for them to be connected to external sound systems. Therefore, the machines can be used with home theater surround music system.  So if you’re asking yourself, “Can home theater be used for Karaoke,” read on!

Karaoke machines on their own cannot amplify the sound of the vocalist and accompanying music well enough in a large room. However, the home theater can well amplify this sound.

Use can use a standard set of RCA sound cables to connect the karaoke machine to the surround sound receiver. These cables come with quarter-inch plugs of each end. It should take a few minutes to set up the whole system.

You will hear sound from all the speakers. However, for it to be reproduced in the multi-channel surround system, the source of the music must have been recorded that way. If not, the sound will be heard but not in the surround nature.


  • Step 1

Start by inserting the white and red cables into the audio jacks of the karaoke machine. Some karaoke machines have these audio ports on the front.

  • Step 2

Connect the other end of the cables to the input jacks of your stereo surround sound receiver. Most surround systems have an extra set of jacks such as auxiliary inputs and input jacks for the tape deck.

  • Step 3

Plug in both karaoke machine and home theater system and turn each of them on.

  • Step 4

Turn the selector knob on your home theater the input from the set of jacks that you used to connect the sound system to the karaoke machine. You can now adjust the volume of your output as desired. Some home theatre systems have other features such as the bass boost which you can use to enhance the quality of the output.

The karaoke machine cannot damage your home theater system in any way if the connections are made well. You can always select your music from the karaoke and use the microphone feature as you wish. Moreover, you do not need to remove the connection to other systems such as TV or your DVD deck.

So there you have it.  You can now have your party, enjoy great music and communicate to all your guests with ease by the use of the microphone with ease as the sound is amplified all over the room. The sound settings you use for your home entertainment can do great with your karaoke.


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